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Let me start this by saying I own that I'm prejudice. I have always enjoyed the character Morgana in any incarnation and have always disliked the character of Gwen (mainly the love triangle crap that makes me twitch).

I had such high hopes for the Season 3 of Merlin but I should have known that it would be head spinning later on. BBC loves to do that to the shows I enjoy. I understand that Merlin is a kid's show and the villains must be over the top and of course Morgana will be over the top villainous. However, they started it out with her being that way from the choices made by her and about her. I thought it was brilliant and relieved they weren't going for the cardboard. Alas, they did. It just took them later to do it.

What bothers me about it, is that they've done a total rewrite of her character. (not as bad as what they did with Lucas character in Spooks but a rewrite nonetheless)

She's upset because Uther is her father and was never told. I get that but she's more upset that he doesn't claim her than she is about the fact that he screwed around on his best friend and confidant, her beloved father. The man, as a child, she believed was responsible for the death of her father because he didn't send in reinforcements to a battle. Now, that would tend to get my panties in a twist way more than not claiming me. I get that she would betray him and want to bring him down. Dude, I'd be smug and dancing around with his head on a platter but because he didn't claim her? Really?

Then there's the whole Gwen thing. Like I said, never was a fan of the cuckolding aspect of her character (yes, yes men write it but it still makes me hate her character) but where is the Morgana hate for her all of a sudden? It came out of nowhere. Sure I get being evil and using Gwen's brother as a way to draw out Arthur but putting her in danger and then later saying that she enchanted Arthur? Which Morgana knows is instant death. Not buying it. Nor am I buying that she would twitch and whine because she had a vision that Gwen was on the throne of Camelot because she was a servant. Not happy that she'd be on the throne I get but the ZOMG she was a servant, no. Gwen was her best friend growing up and was willing to be put in chains as a protest to Gwen's father in jail/death. Hell, she even turned Uther over to the warlock for death because of Gwen's father's death so all of a sudden she has a bee up her butt about Gwen being a servant?

It's like Morgana is Jekyll and Hyde.

The only thing about this season with Morgana's character I like is her relationship with Morgause. It's sick and twisted but very much Morgana. She is easily swayed and after Merlin poisoned her (in her mind for no reason at all) I can see how she bonded with her, especially after she learned that Morgause was her sister. (off camera which I'm not happy about. I so wish they'd shown that conversation.)

Lucky for me there is fanfiction and roleplaying to fix what the writers/producers did. :P

Date: 2010-11-29 01:37 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] violet_quill
It's funny you should post this because I was just thinking of posting to ask how Merlin fandom had reacted to Morgana. Because I've just watched the whole series over the course of a few weeks (and am now caught up!) and thought... wow, that was the kind of big change that must have been really jarring to fic writers.

Date: 2010-11-30 01:27 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I waited until the season was almost over to post my thoughts because I wanted to see if they would turn it around. Alas, they didn't.

Yay for a new convert. The show is brilliant and I still love it, it just makes me twitch when it comes to what they did with Morgana.


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