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Beware rant ahead for Spooks. Spoilers abound.

Really? Really? I get rogue Lucas. I do. I think that would have been a great storyline if they oh I don't know USED THEIR BRAINS AND CREATIVITY! <---Oh look caplocks of rage.

Lucas going rogue because of betrayal and abandonment in the Russian prison. So makes sense. Lucas going rogue for a woman he hasn't seen in over a decade (plus a love of his life MARRIAGE IN THERE). Because some dork from his past blackmailed him with knowing Maia and would reveal his secret to MI5? Really? Kill his blackmailing ass and live your life. Does he do that? No. He jumps off the deep end and betrays Queen and country.

Let's look at that. Betrayal/traitor whatever. But he kills people, sets them up, sells secrets to the Chinese even after learning that it's an ethnic cleansing weapon (which hello FRINGE) all the while love of his life that he's betraying and killing so they can have a life together - A doctor. Yes. Someone that took an oath to save lives and is actually doing it because of caring rather than money. Hmm anyone else see how that would work? *twitch twitch twitch*

Even, even if she didn't find out that he's a dick and an ass at that moment history shows that it's going to blow up in his face down the road BECAUSE HE'S LIVING IT NOW WITH THE PAST BITING HIM ON THE ASS.

I get going bonkers and not thinking clearly/rationally but really? He's logical enough to know how to push buttons/manipulate powerful people but he can't pull his head out of his ass long enough to see this is a train wreck waiting to happen?

I'm serious, Richard Armitage needs to put a clause in all of his work from now on that states, if he thinks that the writers/producers/whoever are being jackwads he can demand a rewrite.

/Rant Whew I feel better.

In the words of Wil Wheaton, don't be a dick. :p

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