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I'm at a loss to explain something about Spooks S9 though it has more to do with the actors than the show.

Here's the thing, Richard Armitage seriously has chemistry with everyone that he appears on screen with. He could have a scene with a tree and there would be chemistry <---scientific proven fact. :P Anyway, the actress that they have opposite him as Lucas North's great love of his life that he can never forget ... not so much with the chemistry. None. Nada. Zip. There are no sparks. He acts as amazing as ever, he makes you think that Lucas loves her deeply and can't forget but sparks aren't happening. It boggles me.

I mean in Robin Hood, there was massive chemistry with the woman that played his sister. Made you want to wash your brain because eww siblings but it was there.

I just finished watching the latest Spooks episode, the scene that was supposed to be thick with tension and lost love memories was not even close. I have to wonder if they even put the two actors together to see how they'd work before they hired her. Maybe you see it in person but onscreen it fizzles out. No clue but it's now a proven fact that Richard Armitage has kryptonite when it comes to chemistry. Laila Rouass seems to suck it all away. :P

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