Jan. 6th, 2011

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My dad is a great guy but computer knowledge is not one of the many things he can do. He uses it for his photography and looking for images but that's about it. Which is cool. Not everyone wants to have it hardwired into them so they have access to computer and the Internet 24/7 like me. :P

He can't grasp the difference between Hard Disk and RAM. My dad will puff up like he's got the best computer on the planet because he has 8 GB of RAM or whatever. He'll ask people, so how much RAM do you have, etc.

So in the course of trying to get him to understand the memory is pretty much just a filing cabinet I took him into his den.


Me: Okay dad. Let's say this is your office at work and you have 500 square feet of space. This is your hard drive that is 500GB. Now over here in the corner you have a 4 drawer file cabinet. This is your 4G of memory. It's storing what you have. Now eventually this will get full and you'll need to upgrade to more.

Dad: Right. So I get a bigger office.

Me: *dies laughing* Yes if you're Bill Gates, you get a bigger office. If you're anyone else on the planet you get another 4 drawer file cabinet.

My dad. Gotta love him.


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