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Very first try at Buffy/Dean fic. :) It's for the Art is the Weapon Challenge and my prompt was an image by [ profile] ladymanson.

Title: Way Down Deep
Author: [ profile] verdant_gt
Prompt: Her Image
Rated: PG-13
Word Count: 2,273 (not counting quote from episode)

Note: Spoilers from Season 7 Episode 4 and Buffy Comic Season 9

I don't decide anything. I just weigh the guilt that's already there. This is solely about how Dean feels, way down deep. )
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Back in the day, I used to be a part of every muse prompt community ever. No really I was. Theatrical Muse, Realm of the Muse, 10 Spot, etc. I got away from it when I did more RP than prompts and the prompts were starting to look alike. But! Now I'm in the mood to join again and write a bunch of prompts except..... I can't find any. Seriously. I went to Theatrical Muse which used to be extremely popular and busy and uh... they still list my Max Guevara as active. I haven't used that journal in close to two years and the there are only random answers to prompts. The other communities that I could find by doing interest prompts died out, too.

Is that dead? No active prompt communities for muses anymore? I know there is sws but I'm not a fan of that. Any musebox'/sandbox places to play when you have the itch? Where do y'all go to write as your muse?

Bueller? :P


Oct. 2nd, 2011 08:57 am
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I've got away from fanfic because most of my energy has been in role playing I love it, but sometimes I miss just creating my own world and writing in it. I'm not one to do big bangs because as words as I do get, I'm not inspired enough to write a bazillion words. Now that I say that watch my first fic be a bazillion words

To the dipping my toe back in the fanfic world I signed up for a Buffy/Dean fic. I'm usually a Buffy/Sam shipper because I think they actually have more in common that Buffy/Dean. However, in the later years of Dean there are quite a few things that they have in common. So we shall see.

I picked this sign up because it's a reverse of usual ones. This one has artists giving their work first and writers claiming it rather than the other way around. Hopefully a muse will bite, if not I will try another venue.
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I'm watching Primeval S3. There's a character that is calling to me because I obviously can't have too many kick ass girls. I really like the character so I Google them and learn the actress' name. Here's the riddle - how the hell does Laila Rouass play someone so kick ass and does a good job (at least the first episode that I'm watching) and yet totally suck ass as Maya in MI-5?

Yeah riddle of the ages. Anyway don't be surprised if a Sarah Page appears in a community near you. :P


Apr. 21st, 2011 03:28 pm
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And now for the memeage, snicked from [ profile] technosage and [ profile] meredevachon

Leave the name of a character/person from a fandom you know I'm in or have ever been in, and I will tell you

* How I FEEEEEL about this character
* All the people I ship romantically with this character
* My non-romantic OTP for this character -
* My unpopular opinion about this character
* One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

Fandoms - Doctor Who, Stargate, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series, Supernatural, Merlin, Lost Girl, Spooks, Dresden Files (books), Criminal Minds, NCIS (all), CSI (all), House, Xmen, Dark Angel, Highlander, Hawaii Five 0 (2010), Fringe. Geez have a few. :P
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*dies laughing*

Found this via twitter:

Vampire Flying Frog.

Seriously, this needs to appear in Buffy comics for Willow to face.
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Eddie Cibrian and Leann Rimes got engaged over Christmas weekend. Hmmm do I even need to look into a crystal ball for this one? The only thing I can't see is which one will leave first. :P
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Or more than usual. :P This week has kicked my ass at work. Seriously. The last two weeks were great. The office was empty of people as they were off for the holidays and I could play and get paid for it.

The Fates thought that was funny so decided to not only have 4 reports due on Friday unexpectedly but also decide to have the CEO want even more reports to heap upon it. I will not bore you with the Finance Anal that is my life BUT that will explain why taggage in RP has been slower than molasses this week.

Plus side - REPORTS ARE DONE & THEY WERE AWESOME. Yes that deserves Capslock. Well imho they were. We'll see if management thinks so on Monday. :P

Weekend = Tequila shots, tagging and if weather permits beach time.
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My dad is a great guy but computer knowledge is not one of the many things he can do. He uses it for his photography and looking for images but that's about it. Which is cool. Not everyone wants to have it hardwired into them so they have access to computer and the Internet 24/7 like me. :P

He can't grasp the difference between Hard Disk and RAM. My dad will puff up like he's got the best computer on the planet because he has 8 GB of RAM or whatever. He'll ask people, so how much RAM do you have, etc.

So in the course of trying to get him to understand the memory is pretty much just a filing cabinet I took him into his den.


Me: Okay dad. Let's say this is your office at work and you have 500 square feet of space. This is your hard drive that is 500GB. Now over here in the corner you have a 4 drawer file cabinet. This is your 4G of memory. It's storing what you have. Now eventually this will get full and you'll need to upgrade to more.

Dad: Right. So I get a bigger office.

Me: *dies laughing* Yes if you're Bill Gates, you get a bigger office. If you're anyone else on the planet you get another 4 drawer file cabinet.

My dad. Gotta love him.
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The BBC believes most people will have read only 6 of the 100 books listed here. Bold those books you've read in their entirety, italicize the ones you started but didn't finish or read an excerpt.

Now I will confess that some of these are school related and HAD to reads but I still read them. :P

Damn but Manda is a book whore )
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Let me start this by saying I own that I'm prejudice. I have always enjoyed the character Morgana in any incarnation and have always disliked the character of Gwen (mainly the love triangle crap that makes me twitch).

Cut for spoilers of Merlin and minor spoiler of Spooks )
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Beware rant ahead for Spooks. Spoilers abound.

Cut for eye rolls and mega sarcasm )
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Name a character I've written or played, and I will tell you his or her...

01. Full name
02. Best friend
03. Sexuality
04. Favorite color
05. Relationship status
06. Ideal mate
07. Turn-ons
08. Last sexual experience
09. Favorite food
10. Crushes
11. Favorite music
12. Biggest fear
13. Biggest fantasy
14. Quirks in bed
15. Bad habits
16. Biggest regret
17. Best kept secrets
18. Last thought
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience
20. Biggest insecurity
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Dude! Why do all of my fic ideas morph into really big fic ideas? :P

Title: A case of mistaken identity
Author: [ profile] verdant_gt
Prompt: Buffy walks into a bar and meets Logan Cale
Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dark Angel
Word count: 1278
Rating: PG
Warnings: Buffy S8 comic book spoilers

A Slayer walks into a bar )
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I'm at a loss to explain something about Spooks S9 though it has more to do with the actors than the show.

Behind a cut for current season discussion )
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So far there are two thumbs up for the new season. I don't watch a lot of television. Last season I only watched like four shows which translates to a I'm a picky bint but I'm really enjoying this season's crop. I'm still on the fence of The Event. I'll give it some time but the pilot didn't wow me. I loved Hawaii Five O's new imagining but I'm biased because it started out with Sheriff Valenti. *g*

I really wanted to like Mike and Molly. I'm a big Melissa McCarthy fan so I was looking forward to it. Alas, it was stupid and didn't even make it past the 10 minute mark. I really like Undercovers but that's another no brainer since its JJ Abrams. Speaking of, I sooooo can't wait to watch Fringe tonight.

On to my BBC reviews. I love Spooks. I have since I saw the very first episode. They almost lost me with season six but I hung in there and they delivered with an awesome season seven and season nine was a brilliant beginning. Harry and Ruth especially. I also like the new agent that I was prepared to hate. I should have trusted them.

Merlin.... As much as I'd hoped they wouldn't go the EBIL Morgana route, even though I knew they would, I have to say I do like how they're treating it. You can see it was the choices that were made by her and around her rather than ooo cardboard cut out EBIL for kid's show. Including the year she spent with Morgause, etc and how it led her there. The only thing that grates is Gaius and his attitude toward her. I get that I'm biased, I own that, but when he goes all holier than thou talking about her I want to smack him hard.

Sadly, I've also got some new pups vying for face time with the new seasons, too. :P
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